Rummy Roots

Vocabulary card games that enable kids and adults to improve, reading comprehension, spelling, dictionary skills, S.A.T. scores and more in a fun–stress free way.

Fun to play, as a multi sensory game, Rummy Roots card game teaches 42 of the many Greek and Latin roots that make up the English language. While playing these fun educational games students aren't even aware they are learning!

4 educational card games in one deck
Ages 8 - adult

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Fun Educational Games for Kids

Rummy Roots vocabulary games have been used successfully as teacher resources for standard, gifted, remedial and ESL game classrooms. Adults have also used the games to improve their reading comprehension.

Introduced in 1992 for
Home Schooling, Rummy Roots games have won various awards over the years. The greatest award? Kids enjoy playing the games on their own!